Consider the Birds

There was a certain serendipity when my sister-in-law gave Rich and me a membership to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology this Christmas. In fact, all the gifts from sister Nancy were bird-themed this year, and what a wonderful coincidence because my interest in birding has recently been re-ignited.

We’ve had a bird feeder for years (a present to Tristan when he was a curious pre-schooler), but I have generally been the only one interested in it. For quite a while it had been sitting empty because I got tired of making the squirrels and pigeons fat while not seeing many of the song birds that I was aiming to feed.

A few years back I documented the baby birds that hatched in our mail basket. My daughter Genevieve and I got quite a kick out of watching that momma birdie lay her eggs and then feed her young. This holiday season when I went to a local craft sale my friend Merry was selling her hand-decorated mosaic bird houses so I snatched up my favorite. Isn’t it cute? I love the little ceramic birdie on top. And now Rich doesn’t have to be upset about the mailbox being a bird nest.

For Rent

The vacancy sign is up and hopefully soon we’ll have some visitors. The hole in the bird house should be just about right for the little Carolina Chickadees.

I am also keeping the bird feeder full again and have put out an additional suet feeder that I hope the Blue Jays, pigeons, grackles and squirrels can’t get. We’ve had visits from many locals including the Cardinals (my favorite – even if not rare), Red-bellied Woodpecker, Carolina Chickadee, Carolina Wren, Black-crested Titmouse, Pine Siskin(?) and of course Blue Jays, House Sparrows, Pigeons and Grackles. One day a flock of Cedar Waxwings came by and ate every berry off the Possumhaw Holly, along with pooping all over the driveway.

Cedar Waxwings

This week I’m off to Australia to spend a few weeks with Rich in Melbourne where he is currently spending some of his sabbatical. I hope to see some fascinating things there. Maybe some new birds from down under? I should have some interesting things to post soon!


  1. Tracy Chugani | 11th Feb 18

    Great! I look forward to more posts !

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