A Day of Reunions and Goodbyes

Today we are treating ourselves to a stay in the grand Parador Hotel – Hostal Reis Catolicos, built in the 15th century as a pilgrim shelter. It has 4 cloisters, beautiful vaulted ceilings, tapestries (and bathtubs).

We attended the Pilgrim Mass at noon, a very special event for all pilgrims. I wish I could have understood the mass, but it was entirely in Spanish (maybe some Latin thrown in). Still it was not to be missed. They even used the giant incense censer Botafumeiro, which is swung from giant cables anchored to the ceiling. I do not have great photos from inside the church as we were not permitted to use a flash and we were seated pretty far away, despite coming an hour early.

After the mass we encountered many of our most treasured pilgrim friends and congratulations and goodbyes were shared.

Tomorrow we leave for a day trip by minibus to Finisterre ( the end of the world) which many pilgrims walk on to after Santiago. We didn’t plan enough extra days to make the extra trek so we’ll have to cheat, but as Rich says we may never get back here again.

Pilgrim Mass


The most precious young ladies from South Korea who we first met so many days ago in Carrion.


Jose Luis from Burgos, Spain, our companion since the very first pilgrim dinner in Roncesvalles.


Sigi from Italy, who we got to know during a pre-dawn walk into Burgos.



  1. Bill Woods | 10th Oct 17

    Congratulations! And, Thanks for sharing. It has been fun reading of your adventure and seeing the pictures.

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