42 Kilometers!

We made it all the way to Santiago yesterday instead of stopping in O Predrouzo after the designated 22 km stage. We arrived in Pedrouzo around 11:30, had some lunch, and decided we were just so close to the end of the Camino that we didn’t want to spend a day twiddling our thumbs and waiting to go on.

So we walked 42 kilometers (26 miles) and arrived at the Cathedral at 6:19pm.

At the pilgrim office waiting in line to get our Compostela certificate for completing the Camino Frances pilgrimage.


September 7th, at the first step of the Camino in St. Jean, France.


Last way marker in front of the cathedral in Santiago on October 8th.


The Cathedral last night.


  1. Tracy Chugani | 9th Oct 17

    Congrats! You both look great! Well done!

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