Some photos from our 2 days in León where we are enjoying a rest day. We have said goodbye to some pilgrim friends that were moving on and regained other friends we had left behind.

In the next few days we’ll be heading back into the mountains and into Galicia and the final 2 weeks of our journey.

For now we’ve had a mini-vacation with a real bed, great showers and sightseeing.

Tonight we hope to attend a free organ concert in the cathedral.

About to take a tour of the city.


Saying ‘goodbye’ to our sweet South Korean girls and Japanese boy.


What to say? Happy we’ve made it here!


Léon Cathedral


The Cathedral has amazing stained glass. More stunning I think than Burgos because of its purity.


  1. Bill Woods | 27th Sep 17

    You’re both looking remarkably well for such an arduous pilgrimage. I’m loving keeping up with your journey,

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