We’ve made it half way

I’m combining two posts in one because of wifi issues.

Friday Sept 22 in Terradillos

So the Meseta…

It’s really boring. As Rich said today it’s like we’re doing a Camino across Nebraska. However, we had a nice day anyway because the weather was sunny, cool and with gorgeous strong breezes. We left at 6:15, made really good time and and were lucky enough to snag prime lodging in the destination village.

Other pilgrims weren’t as lucky. With hundreds of pilgrims walking each stage everyday we are encountering situations where there aren’t enough beds available and those arriving even in the early afternoon have to walk on to the next town or further to try to find lodging. That could be 3, 7 or more kilometers on top of the 27 already walked.

We are have reached the halfway point of the Camino and are 3 days out from Leon where we plan to get a hotel and take a rest day.

Today is Tristan’s 19th birthday. Happy Birthday Tristo! Hope you have a fun with your friends.

Saturday Sept 23

We had a long day to El Burgo Ranero. We went an extra 7.4 km today to get to a bigger town with more lodging. It’s hot and will be hotter tomorrow.

We’ve been meeting up with some of the same pilgrims along the way and meeting new ones. Today we ended up sharing gin and tonics over lunch (see photo). Had a great lunch of beer, scrambled eggs, bacon and fries.

Gin and Tonics with new friends


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