Boadilla del Camino

We did another long walk today, so now we are 1 day ahead of the guidebook. It was a bit hard (17 miles) but the road was good and the weather was sunny and warm.

I think that’s enough of the extended days for me. I had to push my pace really hard and at times found myself chanting in my head “don’t think about your feet”. I have persistent blisters on my little toe, big toe and right heel of my right foot that just don’t seem to heal. They may be with me until the end of the Camino.

Anyway, based on the recommendation of a Polish pilgrim named Yaris, who we first met in Santo Domingo and have reconnected with recently, we are at a lovely pilgrim oasis tonight.


  1. Tracy Chugani | 21st Sep 17

    It looks sunny and relaxing! Perfect place to take care of those feet. 🙂

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