On the Meseta

We left Burgos this morning at our usual time and made the guide book’s official stage destination before noon. The day was cool and sunny and the walking was good, so we continued on another 10 km for a total of about 31 km today. My Fitbit reads 19 miles.

The Meseta is one of the areas where we can combine stages or do 1.5 stages a day to gain time for later when we might want/need a rest day. This region is relatively flat, open and empty except for harvested grain fields and wind turbines. It can seem either hot and boring or a great place for contemplation depending on who you ask.

I’m not sure Rich was a fan of the 1.5 stages we did today so I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow. It seems we are averaging about 4 km an hour with stops.

Some topics on the dangers of the Camino that I’ve been thinking of writing about:

  • Camino Wedgie- when your super expensive travel undies go rogue…
  • Full-frontal, Camino-style – when the young female pilgrim doesn’t realize that the laundry room is co-located with the men’s shower…
A great mural we passed yesterday.

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