Burgos! One third of the way!

Burgos Cathedral

Beautiful Cathedral

We’ve finished a third of the Camino and made it to the fabulous city of Burgos in Castille y Leon province.

For better or for worse we took the scenic route into the city via a park along the river. It was much nicer than tromping in through the suburbs but must have been a lot longer because we didn’t see a single other pilgrim along the way.

We’re in the municipal albergue which was remodeled so that it is very modern. It has the cubicle version of bunk beds- like you are sleeping in a box.

This afternoon we toured the gothic Burgos Cathedral. Words can’t describe it. It’s absolutely amazing in terms of art and architecture.

We haven’t decided yet if we’re staying another day in Burgos. I think we’re leaning towards moving on. The Camino calls even if the feet are reluctant.


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