Ages, Spain

We had a gorgeous day weather-wise today. It started out very, very cold. I had 3 layers on my head, 4 layers on my torso and gloves, but the sun came up and it turned sunny, although still quite cool. Our path took us uphill into oak and pine forests for most of the day. We made the target destination of San Juan around 1pm but continued on another 4.6km to the next village Ages which has more albergues and will give us a head start for our stage tomorrow into the big city of Burgos.

Our albergue tonight has a bar with very good Sangria, which I have already enjoyed as I wait for the laundry. 😉

Last night we went to mass. I didn’t understand any of it but the priest was very animated and charismatic. After the mass he made a special pilgrim blessing which we attended. It was a pretty cool gathering of international pilgrims, with prayers, blessings and songs all shared in everyone’s native languages. Afterwards we saw the priest in our albergue helping wash dishes in the kitchen.

Also in yesterday’s town we explored the ruin of a 9th century castle and some structures built into caves in the cliff behind the church.

Note: I’m publishing this a day late because our wifi last night was awful. I got connected at 1:30 am and messaged with Tristan and Genevieve and got the previous day’s post out but then went back to sleep.


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