Another early start…and music

Today is day 7 out of 33+. We were on the road by 6:45 to get a head start on our first long day. We’ll have another long one tomorrow.

The countryside is changing. The hills are lower and browner, but still tons of grapes and olives. We passed some men harvesting green grapes this morning. Rich may or may not have picked some grapes along the way 😉

We ate breakfast 2 towns in. Super-yokey fried eggs sopped up with baguette, a chocolate pastry, fresh orange juice and cafe con leche. It was delicious and I was starving.

We took a break in Viana and ended up in the middle of a parade. Apparently there was a corrida de toros (bull running) today at 1 pm. We decided not to stay for the running of the bulls and bought some bocadillos (baguette sandwiches) of dried ham, cheese, and roasted green pepper for a picnic lunch (yum. I like the roasted pepper.)

It was a hot afternoon, and so a tough finish to today’s stage. Tonight there’s some fellowship and music in the courtyard, along with soaking of feet. So wonderful! A couple from Denmark is leading singing along with guitar. …John Denver Take Me Home, now Simon and Garfunkel. Everyone is singing along. Rich knows all these songs and is lending his voice. Here come the Beatles!

Wine fountain. It really exists!


Resting Pilgrims




  1. Bill Woods | 13th Sep 17

    Of all my memories of Rich over the years, I think the pic of him filling up his plastic bottle with wine will stick with me the longest! What a great shot. Oh, and that of the woman sitting in the little pool soaking her feet.

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