Puente la Reina

Last night Pamplona had a festival. The streets were crowded with vendors, musicians and families. Rich and I walked around the old city and caught part of a symphony and choir concert in the large square. Everyone was dressed in jackets and scarves as the temperature was 14 c.

This morning’s walk was another damp one with a steady drizzle and muddy trails. It was a long uphill followed by a long down hill. The rain cleared out and we got some sun this afternoon. The countryside transitioned from plowed under fields or drying fields of sunflowers to vinyards and olive groves. Met 2 pilgrims from Florida who are very concerned about the hurricane and their families.

I have blisters on top of blisters on my pinkie toe. Really gross and I hope I can get it healed.

It’s really kind of neat on the open stretches of trail to look ahead and see the parade of pilgrims ahead and behind. There are 300! on the same stage as us. It makes a very colorful parade when all the differently hued rain ponchos are out.

We took a detour with an extra 3 km to visit an ancient church used by the Templars.


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