No Sign of the Bulls

We left Zubiri this morning at 7 am in a light rain, headed to Pamplona. It was an “easy day” as far as the Camino goes, not too many ascents or descents and only 20.9 km.

We intended to walk 5 km and then get breakfast at a cafe in the next village, but it turns out the shop was closed because everyone was sleeping off a town festival that happened the night before. So, we walked on another 5 km to a really nice riverside pilgrim cafe where quite a number of fellow pilgrims were having coffee too.

Today’s walk followed the river Arga for the most part. It wasn’t as scenic, but Pamplona sure seems to be. We are staying inside the walled city in another albergue. By chance today we ended up walking with Annli from Denmark who we met in the final (awful) descent to Roncesvalles the first day. We ended up in the same dormitory this afternoon and shared a meal with her.

We finally have some halfway decent wi-if so I’ve been catching up electronically. Rich is napping. Our evening plans are exploring Pamplona, maybe a little pizza, and laundry.

Lunch with Annli Falk, a music and dance lecturer from Denmark

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