Pilgrim Passports Have Arrived!

Ready To Be A Pilgrim

Our pilgrim passports have arrived from americanpilgrims.org. We’re officially pilgrims. We can now gather our pilgrim stamps in the credencial, twice daily, and with God’s help, earn our pilgrim certificate by making it to Santiago de Compostela.

With my packing pretty well wrapped up (See Preparing for our Pilgrimage) I’ve been doing some more practice walking, which has taught me a thing or two.

I’ve learned that 10 miles is more than twice as hard as 5 miles. I’ve learned that I’ll be miserable with  a ~20lb pack. I’ve also learned that it is very unwise to go walking when the temperature is 99F. I’ve earned one blister on my right pinkie toe. And I remain conflicted about whether to take walking poles. I feel like they help me keep going when I might otherwise really slow down, but they also change my gait (hence the blister) and raise my heart rate.

On another note, this week I will say goodbye to each of my children as they head off to college. Both kids out of the nest off to their own adventures. Buen Camino kiddos!

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