Reap What You Sow

First Carrots

The final fruits of the winter garden are ready. Carrots, green onions and beets are now on the menu! I’ve got beds prepped with fresh compost and the onion crop is in (although it had a set-back because the grackles ate the tops off of all the onion sets). The heirloom tomato sale was last weekend and I’ve got some interesting new varieties to try. Here’s what I’m growing this year:

  • Morgage Lifter – I had to try this large pink tomato just because of the name
  • Cherokee Purple – very popular around here
  • Amish Paste – I’ve never tried a paste tomato, so I’m excited to try some making some sauce with this
  • Flamme – I’m hoping this is the Jaune Flamme I grew last year which produces super tasty sald size orange tomatoes
  • Isis Candy – this is a cherry tomato with a cat’s eye on the blossom end
  • Cream Sausage – creamy white paste tomato. How unusual!

For peppers, I’ve got the usual bell peppers, sweet banana, poblano (for migas breakfasts) and then I’ve got the standard Black Beauty eggplant. I usually plant green beans too. I guess I need to get those seeds in!

It seems like Spring came very early this year but I’m delaying planting the transplants until next week just in case.

I’ve got an update on one of my goals for the year -“Goal 4: Increase Income”. I’ve gone back to work full-time at a former employer and I’m really enjoying it. It going to take some work to keep striving for a slower, simpler life though. I’ll post more on that soon I hope…



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