Getting More Organized in 2017


First Signs of Spring

I’ve taken a while to try to get my thoughts in order around my goals for the year. In the end many of my goals are continuations of last year’s, with a bit more structure involved.


Goal 1: Get More Organized!

To this end I have decided to follow the Home Organization 101 14-week challenge from (Challenge guide here). I’m going to have to customize it a bit, because I already know that some of the tasks are going to take me longer than one week – but I’m going to stick as closely as I can and complete this challenge! I will get my house clean and organized and feel like I’ve really accomplished something.

Goal 2: Declutter!

I’ve added a Decluttering Task list to my 2Do app to help me out with smaller-sized decluttering tasks based on Abby Lawson’s 15 minute organizing task list (Tasks PDF here). These are smaller tasks that can be done anytime with minimal time investment but big impact.

Goal 3: Digital Organization

I need to choose a password manager and organize and reset all of my passwords so that they can be secure. I’ve put this off for too long.


Goal 4: Increase Income

Last year wasn’t so great for income, considering I didn’t have much work in the fall. We’ve got tuitions to pay for, traveling during Rich’s sabbatical, and helping with the cost of a new living community for my mother. This means I’ve got to increase my work hours this year, without sacrificing my quest for a slower life.  If I go back to working full-time I need some work-from-home time AND I need to have evening meals pre-planned and prepped. This means that I need serious menu-planning action.

Personal Health

Goal 5: Determine how I want to use my Fitbit

I received a Fitbit from Santa this year. I’d like to figure out how to use it most effectively. I’m currently using it to track steps, activity, and heart rate but would like to explore using it for calories, water consumption, and mindfulness reminders. We might use it for mapping our progress when we’re walking the Camino De Santiago in Spain next fall.

Goal 6: Modified Whole 30

I’d like to find a sustainable dietary change that I can stick with. The Whole 30 worked great last year, but I regained the weight, so I need  a PERMANENT change like when I gave up soda one Lenten season and never started drinking it again.

Green Living

Goal 7: Use less Plastic

I intend to research and choose a way in which to reduce our plastic use.

Goal 8: Conserve More Water

I’d like to add timers to our showers (although I haven’t found any useful ones yet)  and possibly replace our toilets.


Goal 9: Prepare for Sabbatical

I’m looking forward to planning our trip to France/Spain for walking the Camino and taking practice walks in preparation.

Goal 10: Altruism

I intend to continue knitting hats, this time for homeless youth here in Austin.


Goal 11: Finish a craft project

I’d like to finish a cross stitch or knitting project started years ago, doesn’t matter which one.


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