Nest + Eggs

A Mama Birdie has moved into our mailbox. I noticed Monday evening that our mail was perched precariously atop the mailbox instead of in it. Apparently, unobserved over the weekend, mama built a very nice nest inside our rather unique mailbox. We’ve had nests in it before, but they were all abandoned. Rich thought I should clean it out, thinking it was a terrible place for a bird to put her nest, but I didn’t and then there was an egg! Then two! And now three!

Mama has flown out of the nest a few times when I poke my head in. She’s “a little brown jobbie” as my mother-in-law would say. I have to say the size of her eggs in proportion to her body is quite large! Ouch.

I hope the babies survive to hatch. Meanwhile I will be inconveniencing the USPS for awhile.

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