19 Reasons To Love Working From Home

A volunteer in the garden
A cheery volunteer in the garden

Tomorrow is Monday and I’ll be off to work my one day a week in an office in downtown Austin. Mondays always remind me of all the reasons I love working from home the other 4 days of the week. So here’s my little list as inspiration.

  1. No dress code.  Now there are times when I like to dress up, but most days I just want to be comfortable, especially in the heat of summer (which in Texas lasts from May until November).
  2. No need for shoes.  I alternate between fur lined slippers in the winter and flip-flops the rest of the year.
  3. Define your own work hours. I aim to work between the hours of 9 and 4, but if something comes up I can make up the time when I choose.
  4. Take a break whenever you want.  I love being able to step outside and enjoy a beautiful day. Have you ever stared outside your office window at a beautiful day and then realized you missed it all?
  5. Control the thermostat! This is HUGE for me. I get so cold working in an office. They always seem to be over-air-conditioned. I’ve had to resort to taping over the air vents, keeping socks in my desk drawer and taking a sweater or jacket to wear INSIDE the office during the summer
  6. Save money on food. Coffee, lunch, snacks at home save a LOT of money over a coffee shop or restaurant
  7. No commute! Which leads to #8….
  8. No road rage! Have you ever stopped to evaluate how much bad traffic and long commutes affect your stress level and mood?
  9. Save money on transportation. Save money on gas and parking and put fewer miles on your car, or save money on transit. My bus ticket costs between $2.50 and $3.50 a day and that adds up.
  10. Gain extra time by not commuting. I’ve recovered about 2 hours of my day by eliminating the commute.
  11. Privacy.  No one is looking over your shoulder; you can have sensitive phone conversations without anyone listening in. Really, some folks have phone conversations in the bathroom stalls, or out in the elevator lobby.
  12. It’s quieter.  My desk space in the office is located next to the office kitchen and get incredibly noisy. I’ve also been located with the marketing department or other folks who are on conference calls all day. As rush hour starts we also get a lot of traffic noise. And it’s Austin, so sometimes in the middle of the afternoon we have rock bands rehearsing at the bar next door!
  13. Accomplish some household tasks.  I can put in several loads of laundry or get the dishwasher running without interfering with my work rhythm.
  14. Be available for home service appointments. Is the repair man coming sometime between 12 and 5? No problem because I’m already home.
  15. Easier to make it to medical or vet appointments. It’s a whole lot easier getting a child to an appointment or a pet to the vet if I’m starting off my trip from home in the first place.
  16. Home security. My neighborhood is the target of a lot of break-ins, especially during the holidays. There’s also been a rash of cases where delivery packages are stolen off the front stoop. By working at home I don’t have an empty house that could be a target for criminal mischief.
  17. More flexibility to respond to the unexpected. Homework assignment left on the printer? Child gets sick and needs to be picked up? Or maybe something awesome pops up, like an unexpected visitor.
  18. Volunteer opportunities. This is something I haven’t taken advantage of yet, but I hope to. Lots of organizations need volunteers during weekday hours. With flexible work hours you can do something meaningful that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.
  19. The pets are happy because their peeps are home. No more lonely or scared pets. Our dog Bella is particularly scared of thunderstorms and needs her “baby gate” removed so that she can take refuge in a windowless hallway. I don’t really need to confine the dog that much anymore since I’m home and can keep an eye on her.

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